Time and Place Committee                            Rev. Dr. Richard Keller, Chairperson
                                                       Permanent Organization                                Rev. Kenneth G. Thibodeaux, Chairperson

    Ministerial Alliance                                          Rev. Kenneth Thibodeaux, President
    Woman’s Auxiliary                                           Elvert M. Bijou, President
    Young People’s Department                             Naomi R. C. Green, Director
    Laymen’s Department                                       Ronald J. Ray, President
    Ushers’ Department                                          Barry Payton, President
    Congress of Christian Education                      Rev. Dr. Warren J. Ray, Jr., President
    Congress of Christian Education                      Linda Merrick, Dean
    Ministers’ Wives & Widows                            Wanda H. Davis, President
    Evangelical Board                                            Rev. Tommie L. Banks, President
    Minister of Music                                             Rev. Elijah McCarty
    Assistant Minister of Music                             Shannon Walters Breaud
    Director/Organist                                              Carl Williams
    First District Chorus                                          Janice CoJoe, President
    Sunday School Department                               Rev. John Jackson, President
    Baptist Training Union                                      Rev. C. L. Franklin, President

                           Dr. Matthews McGary, Sr. Scholarship Foundation
                                    Gwendolyn R. Smith, Chairperson

    Culinary & Hospitality                                       Patricia Thompson, Chairperson
    Human Resources Ministry                                Crystal Woods-Thomas, Chairperson
    Security Ministry                                                Annette Lawson, Chairperson


Dr. Calvin W. Woods, Jr.,  President                                                                     
Dr. Lionel Davis, Sr., General Secretary