Dr. Calvin W. Woods, Jr.,  President                                                                     
Dr. Lionel Davis, Sr., General Secretary  

​This is a support Ministry for Minister’s Wives and Widows to help strengthen their faith, prayer life, and biblical studies; senior members teach the younger members in the ministry to be steadfast and unmovable in their given role, as they grow in grace. They hold monthly meetings and various programs.

The Ministers’ Wives and Widows Auxiliary work to build a foundation of strength in Jesus Christ by:

  •  Sharing our experiences with other Ministers wives, with the intent and  purpose of offering encouragement,    inspiration, and motivation to promote fellowship.
  •  Offering mentoring leadership training to new ministers wives
  •  Enhancing the work of the Ministers Wives in the ministry with their husbands
  •  Striving to help our communities become apart of our church families
  • Connecting to make positive impacts upon our individual communities as well as nationwide
  • Working with different organizations to raise money for various charities
  • Fellowshipping together through different activities

It is the sincere mission of this Auxiliary to offer a place of refuge for the Ministers’ Wives and Widows of the First District Missionary Baptist Association.