This Ministry was organized to enhance the corporate worship of the First District Missionary Baptist Association. The appropriate music has been a useful medium for the transmission and teaching of theological concepts. Music in our worship experience continues to enhance and enable the realization of the missionary purpose.

There is a wide range of diversity within the music department. This department ministers to the association through songs. The music department consists of the Mass Choir, The Mass Choir ministers to the members during their annual musical and on all occasions when requested by the parent body.

The chorus provides the music for our annual revival and congress. Their ministry is Christ centered and their music is always uplifting and full of praise to God almighty.

Minister of Music
 Rev. Elijah McCarty

Assistant Minister of Music
 Shannon Walters Breaud

Music Department

​ Carl Williams

Mrs. Melvina Keller
​ President

Dr. Calvin W. Woods, Jr.,  President                                                                     
Dr. Lionel Davis, Sr., General Secretary