Dr. Calvin W. Woods, Jr.,  President                                                                     
Dr. Lionel Davis, Sr., General Secretary  

                                                                                Our History

Our Association is composed of 42 churches that are united in our vision and mission given to us in 1863 by our founding leaders and members. Our theology and our worship styles include  contemporary, progressive, blended and traditional. We are bound together by the cords of love and the common goal of reaching our cities, communities and world for Jesus Christ.  

 As we review the pages and events in our history, our minds will reflect on where God has brought us from. We thank God for the footprints and information that were left behind by our Pastors, Ministers, Teachers, Leaders, and Laypersons during this moment in our history. Our historians declared, “The first Negro Association in the city of New Orleans was organized in 1837 by Elder Joseph Wills and was called the Louisiana Southern Baptist Association. Due to conflicting issues another Association was organized in 1863 by Elders Charles Satchell, George Walker, John Marks, Esau Carter, Alex Armstrong, R.H. Steptoe, John H. Flemings and others, namely The First Free Missionary Association. Realizing that two organizations were operating in the same district, and that united a more effective spreading of the Gospel would be manifested, the brethren decided to merge, thus the two united and became The First District Missionary Baptist Association in 1863.” It was later incorporated in 1895 by President John Flemings.

History deals with personalities as well as events which are prominent in the existence of an organization as well as a nation. The progress of an organization depends largely upon the qualities of the personalities giving leadership to it. The First District Missionary Baptist Association has been led by men of nobility, deep spiritual insight, vision and dauntless courage. Every President in his own perspective has contributed to the expansion and progress of the organization. The progressive history of the First District Missionary Baptist Association can be followed by an analytic view of the 13 Presidents and their achievements. 

First President was the Reverend John H. Flemings
Second President was Rev. George Washington Toney     
Third President was the Reverend Gloster Clanton Rounds                                                     
Fourth President was the Rev. Jackson V. Acox                                                               
Fifth President was Reverend George Henry John Devoe  
Sixth President was Rev. Golden Henry Hendricks     
Seventh President was Rev. Dr. Bazile Jolicoeur  
Eighth President was Rev. Dr. Paul Walker Raphael       
Ninth President was Rev. Dr. A. Prince Fortner      
Tenth President was Dr. Matthews Mc Gary, Sr.   
Eleventh President was Dr. Zebadee Bridges, Sr.   
Twelfth President is Rev. Dr. Robert Turner, Sr.  
Thirteenth President is Rev. Dr. Calvin W. Woods, Jr.