Dr. Calvin W. Woods, Jr.,  President                                                                     
Dr. Lionel Davis, Sr., General Secretary  

Our President

"Therefore, all things whatsoever ye would that men should  do to you, do you even so to them."             
                                                                         Rev. Calvin Wallace Woods, Jr. 

His Family: He was born September 16, 1957 in Birmingham, Alabama. He is the fifth child of thirteen born to Rev. Dr. Calvin Wallace Woods, Sr. and the late Mrs. Lucille Grayson Woods. He was called at the age of 19 to preach God’s Word while he was playing football and running track at Miles College in Fairfield, Alabama. He married Constance Craig Woods on June 6, 1981. They have one beautiful daughter, Crystal DeAun Woods.

His Education: Graduated and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science from Miles College in 1979. He received a Master of Divinity Degree in 1982 and a Doctor of Ministry Degree in 1997 from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans.

His Call: He was called, licensed, and ordained to the gospel ministry at Believer’s Temple Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama under the leadership of his father, Bishop Calvin W. Woods, Sr. He was recruited by Rev. Robert Smith, Jr., then the pastor of Bethel B. C., Pratt City, Al. to attend the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. After making two visits to the seminary with twelve other ministers who visited, he was the only one that God touched to enroll. He soon left his parents, twelve siblings, and the love of his life, Constance Craig Woods in Alabama after he graduated from Miles College to prepare himself spiritually and academically at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in July of 1979.

His Assignment: While enrolled in the seminary, Pastor Woods was invited to attend Greater Liberty by Rev. Frank and Glenda Woods who were members (also from Birmingham.) He joined on October 13, 1979 under the leadership of Rev. Melvin Clark. Rev. Woods served as an Associate Minister and later became Interim Pastor for six months. He was elected as the Pastor of Greater Liberty Baptist Church on December 13, 1981. He was installed by the First District Missionary Baptist Association under the leadership of the late Rev. Dr. A. P. Fortner, President, on January 15, 1982.

His Leadership: First Vice President of the First District Missionary Baptist Association, Senior Advisor of the Matthews McGary Scholarship Foundation, Member of the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, Director of the Louisiana Baptist Youth Encampment, Instructor of the Louisiana Missionary Baptist State Convention Congress of Christian Education, Instructor, First District Congress of Christian Education, President of Greater Liberty Christian Leadership School, Recording Secretary of the Louisiana Missionary Baptist State Convention (LMBSC), and he served as the Chairman of the Souvenir Journal Committee for the LMBSC Host Committee for 2014 for the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. He researched and wrote a book of the LMBSC’s history entitled, “A Resolution That Turned Into A Reformation: The History of the Louisiana Missionary Baptist State Convention from 1872 until now. With the assistance of Kathy Celestine, he developed the LMBSC’s website and Facebook account.

His Community Work:
President of Amazing Grace Enterprise, Inc. and Bookie Book’s Campaign (a motivational literacy program). He is a recording artist, poet, song writer and author. His latest project was an autobiography of his father Bishop Calvin W. Woods, Sr. entitled, “Walk With Me.”